We were delighted to host the Future of Money webinar as part of the IIF's Digital Finance Webinar Series.

What form will “money” take in the future? How will we remit payments, and what will evolving customer expectations and the increasing trend towards cash-lite economies mean for financial intermediation and public policy considerations? What are some of the key design considerations with central bank digital currencies (CBDC), and how might these impact on the commercial banking system, government controls and monetary policy.

We were very pleased to have assembled the panelists who were planning to speak at our in-person Digital Finance Symposium, before the COVID-19 situation unfortunately prompted the cancellation of that event. Since that time, this subject has since become even more topical, with the recent Bank of England and Bank of Canada CBDC discussion papers, the Banque de France invitation for experiments, the Digital Dollar Foundation’s announcements, and expectations of a relaunched Libra white paper.


  • Sonja Davidovic, Economist and Digital Expert, IMF
  • Daniel Gorfine, Founder and Chief Executive Officer, Gattaca Horizons; Director, Digital Dollar Project
  • John Rolle, Governor, Central Bank of the Bahamas
  • John Whelan, Managing Director, Digital Investment Bank & Innovation, Santander

Conan French, Senior Advisor, Digital Finance, IIF