Join the Institute of International Finance, Payments Association, and Emerging Payments Association Asia for our 2023 Global Payments Forum on June 13 & 14 from 7:00 am - 9:30 am EDT.

This global event brings together senior payments executives, global standard-setters, and experts to discuss payments innovation and industry led efforts for more secure, faster, transparent, and lower-cost payments, and progress toward the objectives of the G20 Roadmap for Enhancing Cross-Border Payments.

This event will feature:

+ Industry leaders sharing their visions for the payments systems of the future and the progress being made today.

+ Subject matter experts discussing the importance of, and offering technology solutions for, fraud prevention, security considerations, and delivering customer choice in payments.

+ Updates from FSB and CPMI on the task forces they have formed. 

+ Innovators building payments systems for a future financial system characterized by CBDCs, digital assets, and tokenization technology.

+ Builders and users of RTGS systems contributing perspectives on infrastructure renewal.

+ Project leaders imparting lessons learned from efforts to connect multiple fast payments systems and to standardize linkages between them. 

Members of the IIF, Payments Association and Emerging Payments Association Asia may register by using the button below. Please contact Emma Handel ([email protected]) with questions.