The Future of Carbon Offsets Trading Platforms webinar was part of the IIF ESG Webinar Series, which was designed to promote understanding of the rapidly evolving landscape for ESG disclosure and to align efforts to measure and track climate finance.

What are we seeing in voluntary carbon markets? Companies worldwide are taking steps to eliminate greenhouse-gas emissions from their operations. In order to deliver deep and cost-effective reductions now, many companies have pledged to become carbon-neutral in the near term by financing emission-reductions elsewhere, or, in climate parlance, “offsetting” any emissions they can’t yet eliminate. As a result, we are seeing record volumes being transacted in the voluntary carbon markets, despite the global COVID-19 pandemic.

  • Stephen Donofrio, Director, Forest Trend’s Supply Change & Ecosystem Marketplace Initiatives
  • Jeremy McDaniels, Senior Policy Advisor, Sustainable Finance, IIF