We were delighted to host the IIF Cyber Risk Webinar: Cyber Risk in the time of COVID-19 and Incident Response, on Tuesday, September 22.

This webinar featured two 45-minute sessions, bringing together senior authorities and industry leaders, to discuss:

  • Addressing Cyber Risk in the Age of COVID-19: What is the current Cyber threat landscape, how have industry and authorities prepared for such a scenario, and in what ways is this situation unique?
  • Leading Practices Around Cyber Incident Response and Recovery: An overview of the most effective industry tools and practices, and a discussion around areas where further progress can be made.


  • Nida Davis, Associate Director, Supervision and Regulation, U.S. Federal Reserve Board of Governors
  • Tamas Gaidosch, Senior Financial Sector Expert (Cybersecurity), International Monetary Fund
  • Jason Harrell, Head Of Business and Government Cybersecurity Partnerships, Technology Risk Management, DTCC
  • Erez Liebermann, Chief Counsel, Cybersecurity & Privacy, Prudential Financial
  • Jayaraj Puthanveedu, Global Head of Operational Resilience, Third Party Tech Risk & Crisis Management, BNP Paribas
  • Katheryn Rosen, Managing Director and Global Head for Technology and Cybersecurity Policy and Partnerships, JPMorgan Chase & Co


  • Martin Boer, Director of Regulatory Affairs, Institute of International Finance (IIF)