As part of the IIF's Digital Finance Webinar Series, we were delighted to host the Open Digital Trust Initiative webinar.

In the context of Digital Identity as one of the most relevant elements in the digital economy, we will explore a proposal from Banco Santander, the OpenID Foundation and SWIFT. Banco Santander has developed an experimental open Digital Trust Protocol (DTP) that solves the Digital Trust problem by creating the opportunity for real-time verification of Identity and Digital Trust information. The proposed protocol complements efforts already underway in the OpenID Foundation’s work groups. Now, project participants are reaching out to other large global banks and policy organizations to develop an open Global Trust Framework. With assistance from the OpenID foundation and other non-profit, technology-agnostic organizations, they are actively seeking other participants to help develop the proposed standard.

During the webinars, we explored:

  • The Digital Trust Protocol as an extension to OpenID
  • The formation of a public / private initiative to develop requirements and guidance
  • How to participate in the OpenID/SWIFT led open source initiative.