The IIF was pleased to serve as a knowledge partner for the AI in Finance Day in partnership with Commerzbank as part of AI Week Frankfurt 2023 (October 16-20). This event featured industry leaders speaking about the application and adoption of AI in the financial services industry. 

Our programming featured:

+ New and emerging AI technologies and applications for the financial sector
+ Updates on the EU AI Act and its implications for financial services
+ The future of regulation, supervision, and finance enabled with data and AI
+ The path forward for AI governance, oversight, and ethics

Additionally, the IIF hosted focused sessions in the afternoon that explored:

+ Emerging applications and breakthrough technologies
+ Ways AI can complement and challenge regulation and supervision
+ Implications of greater AI use on financial stability
+ 2023 IIF-EY Survey on AI/ML Use in Financial Services

Our afternoon concluded with a members-only session to focus on key messages and ways to shape engagement with the official sector in a closed-door setting.

If you have any questions about the event, please reach out to Emma Handel at [email protected].