ESG Investment Trends was part of the IIF ESG Webinar Series, which was designed to promote understanding of the rapidly evolving landscape for ESG disclosure and to align efforts to measure and track climate finance. Investing in companies that lead in environmental, social and governance best practices is no longer niche—it is one of the strongest ways to help ensure long-term, sustainable returns. On April 14 we were delighted to discuss ESG investment trends in global equity and fixed income markets with Jessica Alsford, Head of Global Sustainability Research at Morgan Stanley.

Topics of discussion:

  • Outlook for ESG investment
  • Investment flows into equity and fixed income ESG funds
  • Passive vs. active ESG investing
  • ESG valuations and fund performance
  • Quantifying ESG opportunities - ESG materiality
  • Sectoral and geographical ESG investment trends
  • Data challenges – ESG disclosure standards


  • Jessica Alsford, Head of Global Sustainability Research, Morgan Stanley


  • Emre Tiftik, Director, Sustainability Research, IIF