As part of the IIF's Digital Finance Webinar Series, we were delighted to host the COVID, Data Privacy and Re-Opening webinar.

COVID-19 presents new issues in the use of personal data, with important and far-reaching ramifications for economic recovery and for data privacy in the longer term. In the immediate term, the willingness of citizens to share their personal data and participate in efforts such as contact tracing schemes may be critical to enabling economies to re-open and consumer and workers to openly engage. In an enduring sense, new questions are posed for how society will value data privacy relative to the public good, for such tracing initiatives as well as the role of ‘big data’ in digital interventions to enable economic recovery.

The webinar featured new research from Oliver Wyman Forum, surveying attitudes towards sharing personal data in the context of COVID, as well as a discussion of the implications for economic recovery, data policy and the role of financial institutions.


  • Larissa De Lima, Fellow at Oliver Wyman Forum, Oliver Wyman
  • Doug Elliott, Partner, Oliver Wyman
  • David Hardoon, Senior Adviser for Data and Artificial Intelligence, Union Bank of the Philippines
  • Brett House, Deputy Chief Economist, Scotiabank