We were pleased to host Unlocking Funding for Clean Technology which was part of our COP Talks series. This series built on the themes and ambitions of COP27, which was held in Sharm El-Sheikh on November 6 - 18. The financial services industry is an integral player in the quest to achieve a net-zero economy and to support broader sustainable development goals, and our COP Talks covered some of the toughest yet most important issues facing the industry.

Shifting the global economy to meet net zero goals will require a substantial reduction in the cost of new technology—bringing down the “green premium” so that clean energy is affordable for all. The financial sector has a key role to play in unlocking funding for the most promising new technologies—solar, wind, biofuels, low-carbon hydrogen—and in developing innovative financial mechanisms and partnerships that will address growing concerns about “green inflation” and support a just, effective, and orderly transition.

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Featured Speakers

<b>Kate Moore</b>
Strategic Partnerships, Innovation and Entrepreneurship Center
National Renewable Energy Laboratory
<b>Natalia Moudrak</b>
Managing Director, Climate Resiliency Leader, Public Sector Partnership
<b>Jessica Renier</b>
Managing Director, Digital Finance
<b>Jeff Schub</b>
Sustainable Finance Integration Leader
Wells Fargo
<b>Agustin Silvani</b>
Head of Sustainable Finance
Conservation International