The Commonsense Conversations on Climate Change Series explored and highlighted a wide array of topics related to climate change focusing on its effects on the financial services industry and broader economy. Though the topics varied, they each presented ways to encourage a pragmatic, commonsense approach to the transition to a low-carbon and ultimately net-zero economy.

Our first event in the series, Evolving Perceptions on Climate Change, took place on Wednesday, April 7. Today, it’s difficult to watch the news or read the paper without hearing about climate change. And now that the Biden Administration is laser focused on the issue, this will only increase in the days, weeks, and months to come. But as we have learned time and time again – what is in the news is not always reflective of what people actually think. Is a similar phenomenon occurring with climate change or are our thoughts, beliefs and perceptions truly changing? During the event we unpacked some of the findings from recent surveys about public perceptions of climate change.