The IIF hosted an in-person Digital Finance Roundtable on October 14, from 3:00 pm - 4:30 pm, alongside our Annual Membership Meeting and the IMF and World Bank’s annual meeting in Marrakech, Morocco. This session was held against the backdrop of emerging proposals for future digital financial infrastructure, innovative service delivery through new technologies, and collective public-private efforts to promote an efficient and resilient global financial system. Participants discussed avenues for collaboration, key policy enablers, and experiences building these systems. This roundtable featured leading voices and diverse perspectives from across the financial services ecosystem as we explored: 

New Financial Infrastructure – Proposals to support digital payments and tokenized assets with new ledger systems
Improved Cross-Border Payments – Policy impediments and enablers for more efficient and secure global payments
Ecosystems & Digital Transformation of Finance – Designing flexible frameworks for the governance of digital ecosystems and innovation in financial services
AI & the Future of Finance – New applications utilizing richer data in robust environments and the potential for intelligent service delivery

For more information, please contact Hannah Anderson, [email protected], or Emma Handel, [email protected]