As part of the IIF's Digital Finance Webinar Series, we were delighted to host the Quantum Computing webinar.

Quantum computing is transitioning from theory to practice, with potentially significant implications across industries and the overall economy in the coming decade, thanks to the technology’s superior computational power vis-à-vis classic computers. With an eye to both the opportunities for next generation modelling, as well as the concerns regarding preparedness for post-quantum encryption, this webinar explored the promise of quantum, barriers to adoption, where we are on the development curve, the potential implications for financial services, and how the industry and policymakers can best prepare to keep pace with the technology and its adoption.


  • Michael Brett, Senior Vice President of Applications, Rigetti Computing
  • Marco Pistoia, Ph.D. Managing Director, Head of Research and Engineering (FLARE), JPMorgan Chase
  • Denise Ruffner, Chief Business Officer, Cambridge Quantum Computing (CQC)
  • Conan French, Senior Advisor, Digital Finance, IIF (Moderator)