We were pleased to host an IIF Roundtable on Digital Fraud and Scams on Tuesday, May 7.

Losses to banks and their customers from increasing levels of fraud and scams, particularly authorized push payment (APP) scams, have recently attracted significant attention from policymakers and regulators in the Asia region and globally. This roundtable, moderated by IIF staff, began with a brief overview of our work on this topic, including the recent consultation response. Lead discussants from select IIF members across the region spoke on recent actions and outcomes on digital fraud and scams, focusing on:

+ Relevant Local Trends and Developments in Digital Fraud and Scams
Private Sector and Public-Private Actions Taken to Mitigate Digital Fraud and Scams Levels
Technological Responses to Mitigate Digital Fraud and Scams
Regulatory or Legal Responses to Digital Fraud and Scams
Effectiveness of the Above Measures to Date / Early Lessons Learned

Lead discussants and participants were encouraged to foreground local developments that could be a model for global initiatives and put forward suggestions for coordination by global or regional institutions. The Roundtable concluded with an open discussion where all participants are encouraged to share their experiences and/or pose questions to the group.

Lead Discussants Included:
+ Chris Sheehan, General Manager, National Australia Bank
+ Daniel Wu, Head of Financial Services, Public Policy, Asia Pacific, Amazon Web Services
+ Joy Wann, Director, Regulatory Affairs Advocacy, Mastercard
+ John Ho, Head, Legal, Financial Markets, Standard Chartered Bank

If you have any questions, please contact David Folcher ([email protected]).