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Headshot of <b>Shigeru Ariizumi</b>

Shigeru Ariizumi

Vice Commissioner for International Affairs
Financial Services Agency, Government of Japan
Shigeru is Vice Commissioner for International Affairs of the Japan Financial Services Agency (JFSA). He has extensive experience working on financial sector issues, representing the JFSA in various international fora. He is alternate member of FSB/SRC and regularly represents the JFSA in its meetings. He is also the Japanese representative at FSB/ReSG. On securities issues, he is the Vice Chair of the Board of IOSCO as well as the Chair of the Asia-Pacific Regional Committee. Turning to the insurance sector, he serves as Vice Chair of the Executive Committee of the IAIS. Before assuming his current position in July 2021, Shigeru held various key positions at the JFSA. During Japan’s G20 Presidency in 2019, he served as Deputy Commissioner for International Affairs and led the JFSA team on formulating the agenda and delivering tangible results on financial sector issues. On the supervisory front, he worked as Director of Banks Division I and Director of Securities Division during 2011-2013 and was the leading official in charge of supervising Japanese megabanks and investment banks as well as foreign financial institutions’ branches and subsidiaries in Japan. He also served as Deputy Director of the Financial Markets Division and led the work on securities regulations and securities markets reform during 2001-2003. Entering the Japanese Ministry of Finance (JMOF) in 1988, he also worked on a wide range of policy related issues at JMOF, particularly on international finance. During 2020-2021, he was Senior Deputy Director General of the International Bureau and was Japan’s G7 and G20 Finance Deputy’s Deputy, supporting the Minister and the Vice Minister, working on pressing global issues, including the global economy, debt, pandemic response and preparedness, financial sector issues, digital transformation and climate change. As Deputy Director General, he also oversaw Japan’s relationship with the IMF and MDBs including the World Bank Group, Asian Development Bank and African Development Bank. He also has ample on the ground experience in the market, as he worked as Director of the Foreign Exchange Markets Division during 2015-2016 and Director of the Foreign Exchange Reserve Management Office during 2008-2009, managing over 1 trillion US dollar as its assets. He holds a Bachelor degree in law from the University of Tokyo and a Master degree from Harvard Law School. He has passed the Bar examination in Japan as well as in the State of New York.