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Shoib Khan

Director, Insurance Supervision, Prudential Regulatory Authority
Bank of England
Shoib Khan was appointed as Director of Insurance Supervision on 31 October 2022 covering the supervision of a range of life and GI firms. He also has oversight of the GI Actuarial area and the Insurance Analytics Division. Prior taking up the role of Director of Insurance Supervision, Shoib was the Head of Division with responsibility for supervising the Major Life Insurance Groups. Before moving to insurance supervision, Shoib has spent most of his career at the PRA in banking supervision where he was also a Head of Division. Shoib also served for three years as the Financial Policy Assistant to the Governor of the Bank of England, advising Mark Carney in his role as chair of the Financial Policy Committee and Prudential Regulation Committee. He is a qualified Chartered Accountant having previously worked at Ernst & Young, and has completed two secondments at Her Majesty’s Treasury – including during the height of the global financial crisis. Whilst Shoib has a background in banking supervision, he is committed to continuing to develop his knowledge of the insurance sector given the crucial role it plays in serving households and businesses, coupled with its contribution to the UK having a diverse and resilient financial services sector.