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Headshot of <b>Mahmood Pradhan</b>

Mahmood Pradhan

Head of Global Macroeconomics
Amundi Institute
Mahmood Pradhan joined the Amundi Institute in January this year, where he overseas macro research and strategy, and is a member of Amundi’s Global Investment Committee. He was until recently the Deputy Director of the IMF’s European Department heading the IMF’s mission chief for the Euro Area, and responsible for IMF policy advice on financial sector issues, including Europe’s Banking and Capital Market Union initiatives. In earlier roles, Mahmood was the IMF’s mission chief for Japan and responsible for managing the Fund’s engagement with South East Asia as Deputy Director in the Asia Pacific Department, and prior to that, Assistant Director, Monetary and Capital Markets Department. Mahmood also spent 9 years in the asset management industry as an Emerging Market Strategist with Tudor Investment Corporation, Bluecrest Capital Management, and as an Emerging Market portfolio manager at Wadhwani Asset Management. Earlier in his career, Mahmood worked at the Bank of England on monetary policy and it impact on financial markets.