Charter: CAIM was created in March 2012 to bring together senior executives from various buy-side institutions to examine and discuss issues pertaining to long-term investment; challenges for asset allocation within current market dynamics; and ongoing regulatory reforms affecting institutional investors. The Council was founded to enhance the understanding of the interconnection between investor behavior, policymakers’ decisions and developments in the global markets and economy. The Council provides members with a unique forum to facilitate articulation of their views to key global governance bodies such as the G20 and the IMFC, as well as to the FSB and the international regulatory community, national and regional policymakers, the private financial sector community and the public at large.

Leadership: CAIM is led by a Chair and two to three Vice Chairs, each representing one of four broad categories of institutional investors:

  • Insurers and reinsurers, represented by CAIM Chair Mr. Walter Kielholz, Chairman of the Board of Directors, Swiss Re;
  • Pension funds, representation TBD;
  • Sovereign wealth funds, representation TBD; and
  • Asset management and investment firms, represented by Vice Chair Mr. Richard Kushel, Deputy Chief Operating Officer, BlackRock.

Objectives: CAIM has the following broad objectives:

  • Address challenges and explore solutions surrounding the need for long-term assets and investments, and enhance and promote the role of long-term investors in supporting global economic growth and financial stability;
  • Discuss issues relevant to long-term investors, resulting in written reports and position papers used for wider dissemination, and to facilitate and promote CAIM analysis, discussion and events; and
  • Establish a robust and ongoing dialogue with policymakers and regulators to exchange perspectives and views on impediments to long-term investment, policy decisions affecting investors and ongoing conduct of financial and macroeconomic policy; advocate on behalf of the investor community, and communicate findings and recommendations with the public as appropriate.