On the occasion of the 56th ADB Annual Meeting in Incheon, KoreaRebounding Asia: Recover, Reconnect and Reformwe are delighted to have partnered with Prudential plc for a high-level public-private sector luncheon on Scaling Blended Finance to Support the Net Zero Transition in Asia. This event was held on Thursday, May 4 from 12:30-2:00pm. 

Financing the net zero transition in Asia—which accounts for nearly half the world’s carbon emissions—is essential to reaching global climate goals. The capital needed for this transition is estimated to be over $9 trillion annually through 2050; reaching this target will require sourcing an additional $3.5 trillion per year and reallocating close to $1 trillion of current spending from high- to low-emission assets. Mobilizing capital at this scale will require collaborative efforts to de-risk and bring down the cost of financing for climate investment; these efforts will bring together private investors, governments, philanthropy, MDBs and the broader development finance community. How can we ensure the right policy, regulatory and market backdrop is in place to support blended finance? Where are the obstacles to scale—and what distinguishes successful blended finance projects?

Please contact [email protected] with any questions. 

Program Agenda

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