We were pleased to host Future of Global Carbon Markets which was part of our COP Talks series. This series built on the themes and ambitions of COP27, which was held in Sharm El-Sheikh on November 6 - 18. The financial services industry is an integral player in the quest to achieve a net-zero economy and to support broader sustainable development goals, and our COP Talks covered some of the toughest yet most important issues facing the industry.

As governments, companies and financial institutions pursue ambitious commitments to achieving Net Zero emissions goals, international carbon markets are set to expand rapidly. Compliance markets (such as emissions trading schemes) and voluntary markets (for carbon credits) play distinct but complementary roles in incentivizing emissions reductions and removals.?Ahead of COP27, key developments including the evolving international climate architecture under Article 6 of the Paris Agreement, maturing market infrastructure, and the new Integrity Council for the Voluntary Carbon Market will shape the capacity for carbon markets to deliver on their full potential. This session will explore the growth of global carbon markets and highlight implications for regulators, policymakers, and the private sector.

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Featured Speakers

<b>Margaret Kuhlow</b>
Global Finance Practice Leader
World Wildlife Fund
<b>Ricardo Laiseca</b>
Head of Sustainability Transition
<b>Jeremy McDaniels</b>
Senior Advisor on Sustainable Finance
<b>Annette Nazareth</b>
Senior Counsel, Davis Polk and Wardwell; Chair of the Integrity Council for
the Voluntary Carbon Market
<b>Teresa Parejo-Navajas</b>
Head of Sustainability
<b>Esteban Piedrahita Montoya</b>
Chief Financial Officer
Celsia S.A.
<b>Javier Rodriguez Soler</b>
Global Head of Sustainability