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IIF Letter to BCBS Taskforce on Coherence and Calibration

Tuesday, October 6, 2015

The IIF commends the initiative of the BSBC in establishing a Task Force to review the coherence and calibration of regulatory reforms. The IIF is pleased to support the BCBS's focus on these issues.

In seeking to explore the most significant items in the revised regulatory framework where there are coherence and calibration issues, the IIF has submitted a letter to the BCBS's Task Force identifying key areas that warrant further research and analysis. Broadly, we have assembled our identified issues around three major themes:

  • Market liquidity
  • Risk and banks' balance sheets
  • Banks' funding bases

The IIF is pleased to share our initial thinking, and the industry remains keen to support the BCBS, including where we can supply timely analysis to assist in this area.