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Status: Will be live at 03/29/2019 10:48

FRT Episode 29: Partnering with Start-ups

Barclays UK Ventures CEO Ben Davey joins FRT to discuss banks’ partnerships with FinTech start-ups, sharing his experiences in working to overcome the cultural, regulatory and technical challenges.

With evolving customer expectations for immediacy and personalization, it is increasingly critical that incumbent financial institutions (with their extensive customer reach) and start-up firms (with their capacity for cutting-edge innovation) are able to effectively partner. Such ventures bring challenges and require new collaborations, and Ben describes some of the practical steps that Barclays have pursued to prepare both the start-up firms and bank internal functions to improve the onboarding and implementation processes.

Ben also highlights Barclays’ Eagle Labs initiative, a key connection for the bank to innovative businesses throughout UK communities, and the creation of a pathway for entrepreneurs that might not otherwise exist.