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Status: Will be live at 07/02/2019 09:55

FRT Episode 41: IIF Machine Learning Roundtable

The IIF 2nd Machine Learning Roundtable was held in Frankfurt on June 19, kindly sponsored by Commerzbank. The Roundtable featured discussions on Machine Learning interpretability, bias and ethical implications of Machine Learning, its use for financial crime prevention, and challenges around implementation.

In discussing some of the highlights from those discussions, FRT welcomes Roundtable speakers Kerem Tomak (Commerzbank), and Farhaad Amod (Nedbank). Some recurring themes across the various topics included an increased focus on the quality of the data, and getting the data right (both before worrying about Cloud and as part of using Machine Learning for credit and financial crime prevention), unlocking the why in terms of interpretability of Machine Learning models, and the importance of historical events in relation to issues related to bias.