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Status: Will be live at 07/22/2019 10:09

FRT Episode 43: Libra and Beyond

Bonus content -- Episode 44: Japanese Edition


Following his testimony at the US congressional hearings on Facebook’s proposed Libra digital currency, Chris Brummer, Georgetown Law Professor and host of the "Fintech Beat" podcast, joins FRT to discuss the top takeaways and the potential implications for other initiatives in the digital currency landscape.

We discuss the prominent emphasis that lawmakers placed on Facebook’s trust deficit and previous misdeeds and concerns over the potential competition impacts with Facebook’s role within the Libra Association and the operations of different wallets. Chris also highlights some of the classification issues, and specific implications in the context of securities law.

Looking beyond Libra itself, we also discuss some of the issues and impacts for other initiatives, both from within the private and public sectors. For a change of pace, we also discuss the impacts of free agency and long term injuries on the competitive outlook in the next NBA season.