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Status: Will be live at 06/15/2020 11:00

FRT Episode 69: ISDA Common Domain Model

ISDA’s Tara Kruse and Ian Sloyan visit FRT to highlight ISDA’s new Common Domain Model (CDM) initiative. Where the current landscape in our markets involves lots of data, in different formats, originating from the same transactions but inconsistently captured, the CDM brings a single, common digital representation of trade events and actions, to help promote consistency and facilitate interoperability across firms and platforms.

Tara and Ian highlight how the CDM can bring greater consistency to the processes that take place across the trade lifecycle, as well as how the CDM can provide a foundation for the application of other new technologies. It will also provide a basis for easier and more common implementation of new regulatory requirements, and also for testing potential new regulatory proposals.

Tara and Ian cite how ISDA had identified a growing necessity for increased industry standardization, specifically in additional data standards, common digital representations, and mutualized solutions, and they explain where the CDM initiative fits in that broader agenda.