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Status: Will be live at 07/10/2020 07:25

G20 DSSI Template Waiver Letter Agreement

In response to the request for a waiver from private lenders stating that a request from sovereign borrowers for forbearance from official creditors would not constitute an event of default, we are very pleased to publish this G20 DSSI Template Waiver Letter Agreement - Download (.docx) or (.pdf)

This template is the result of intensive discussion with our working group members over the past weeks, and has benefited greatly from guidance from the IMF and World Bank legal teams.  While our members are very supportive of the concept of a waiver—and many have noted that such requests are typically readily granted—the complex legal documentation that underpins these debt arrangements makes a “blanket” waiver unachievable. Borrowers will still need to make the requests for a waiver on a case by case basis as needed.