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Status: Will be live at 11/12/2020 11:51

FRT Episode 80: Annual Download with FinTech Beat

FRT joins forces with CQ Roll Call’s FinTech Beat podcast, as we exchange our key takeaways from across the IIF Annual Membership Meeting, the IMF & World Bank annual meetings, and DC FinTech Week with FinTech Beat Host, Professor Chris Brummer of Georgetown University – just as we did following the same events in 2019, on FRT Episode 51.

Prominent issues include the need for international connectivity and the modernization of regulatory structures, as well as the growing focus on inclusion, ethics, and social consciousness, underlined by some of the events of the US summer. We also discuss topics such as the transformation of business models to keep pace with customer expectations, central bank digital currencies, interoperability of digital identity systems.

Chris hosted DC FinTech Week, with the IIF partnering on the Day 2 program on Transformational Technologies, covering digital identity, cloud, machine learning and artificial intelligence, quantum computing, and more.