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Status: Will be live at 12/02/2020 09:30

FRT Episode 81: Social Media Security, Surveillance and Ethics, with DeepView CEO and Founder Catherine Parry

Catherine Parry, Founder and CEO of DeepView, outlines the key trends in social media security and online surveillance technologies that have emerged through the COVID ‘Work from home’ era.

Catherine highlights some key vulnerabilities inherent in social media, noting that “social media is to email, what email was to fax,” and that hackers have preyed upon the 14 million Instagram photos tagged with #WFH. She also describes the important role that chat applications such as WhatsApp play in facilitating client business while outlining how surveillance and the management of conduct risk have had to evolve with this year’s new working environment. These topics are central to Catherine’s business, described further at deepview.com

Catherine also discusses the growing use of Artificial Intelligence, and its implications throughout society, a topic she also addressed in the 2019 IIF Annual Membership Meeting. We refresh that discussion with the added context of some of the events of 2020.