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Status: Will be live at 02/01/2021 09:30

FRT Episode 85: FinTech & Payments with Visa’s Terry Angelos

Terry Angelos, Visa’s Global Head of FinTech, joins FRT to discuss key trends and developments in FinTech and innovative payments solutions. Terry highlights some of Visa’s initiatives for linking up some of the innovative domestic payment solutions around the world, bringing cross-border connectivity to small business merchants and customers, and what might otherwise be closed-loop local systems.

Terry also highlights some of the FinTech partners that Visa collaborates with in order to deliver these solutions, emphasizing the need for financial institutions to collaborate with innovative players throughout the wider ecosystem. We discuss the importance for incumbent firms to simplify and improve the onboarding experience for a FinTech partner, which Terry illustrates with some cases from Visa’s Fast Track program.