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Status: Will be live at 10/29/2021 09:18

FRT Episode 109: Digital Identity: The Global Assured Identity Network (GAIN)

On this episode of FRT, we hear from two of the key authors of the Global Assured Identity Network (GAIN) White Paper. Gail Hodges, Executive Director of the OpenID Foundation, and Elizabeth Garber, VP of Digital Products at Santander, share their insights on digital identity following the recent publication of the GAIN Paper, an outgrowth from the IIF and OpenID Foundation’s Open Digital Trust initiative. GAIN outlines how an open network would encourage different participants to come together creating an ecosystem with interoperable solutions using common standards. The latest paper had over 150 signatories from an extensive and diverse group of digital identity experts with commonalities in interest. Gail and Elizabeth discuss the benefits of safe, secure, and seamless digital identity to help solve the challenges of financial crime (AML), financial inclusion, and a fractured identity market across different jurisdictions. Our guests point to and compare established identity networks, such as Vipps in Norway and Verified.Me in Canada, as examples of identity standards in practice, and highlight the exciting possibilities as the OpenID Foundation’s first Proof of Concept activity gets underway.