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Status: Will be live at 01/25/2022 09:45

FRT Episode 113: Digital Finance with Jessica Renier


We start off a new year of podcasts with the new IIF Managing Director for Digital Finance, Jessica Renier. Jessica shares her views on developments in digital finance, how she came to focus on this work, and discusses some of the key issues that will drive debate in 2022. Experience at the US Treasury, Deloitte, and the Federal Reserve Banks of Dallas and New York have put Jessica at the center of many debates and decisions affecting the digital transformation of financial services and subsequent efforts to modernize regulation. Digital assets have become an established part of the financial landscape and they top the list of new technologies that we discuss in the episode. Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC), the role that private instruments such as stablecoins are playing, as well as hotspots for regulatory modernization feature as we walk through the changes these new assets are driving in financial services. Frameworks to evaluate new technologies and how they map against current systems is a topic Jessica has worked on from several angles, which she discusses as we look to explore how the ecosystem will grapple with developments in machine learning, cloud computing, and big tech in finance in future FRT episodes. Tune in for this look ahead on IIF Digital Finance.