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Status: Will be live at 04/13/2022 12:30

AATG Podcast - Getting to Net Zero: the Vital Role of Transition Finance with Zoe Knight of HSBC

In our latest episode of All About the Green, we are joined by Zoe Knight, Managing Director and Group Head, HSBC Centre of Sustainable Finance, to discuss the global sustainable finance agenda and the growing focus on transition finance in supporting Net Zero goals. We look at the implications of the Russia/Ukraine crisis, including for energy and commodity prices, and how this may affect climate policy internationally. Promoting international alignment in sustainable finance policy and regulation—including in the areas of climate risk, ESG disclosure and transition planning—will be a key factor shaping climate and transition finance markets. Looking ahead to central themes for COP27, we explore how the Net Zero transition will play out differently in different sectors and geographies, including for hard-to-abate sectors, SMEs and emerging markets—which face a different and more challenging landscape for integrating climate and broader ESG considerations. Finally, we discuss the rapid growth and innovation in ESG markets, which will support the mobilization of climate and transition finance and help bring down the cost of the new technologies needed to support a just and equitable Net Zero transition around the world.