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2024 Investor Trip Schedule

The Institute of International Finance, the global association of the financial industry, has organized a number of virtual investor trips to key emerging markets in recent months, which bring together the IIF’s member base with public and private sector institutions in these markets. Investor trips are moderated by the IIF’s regional lead economists and feature, among others, central banks, government ministries, international financial institutions, as well as regional and local banks. We aim to facilitate a dialogue between stakeholders in a small group setting and cover a variety of topics, including the overall macroeconomic outlook and details of monetary and fiscal policy. For more information on these trips, or to sign up for one, write to [email protected].


2024 Schedule:

February 26-March 1: Turkey/Romania (in-person)
February 28-29: Mexico (in-person)
March 18-22: Chile/Argentina (in-person)
April 2-5: South Africa (in-person)
May 15-16: Central America and the Caribbean (online)
May 27-31: ASEAN (in-person)
June 10-14: Hungary/Poland/Czech Republic (in-person)
June 12-13: Egypt (online)
June 17-18: Beijing, China (in-person)
June 19-20: Shanghai, China (in-person)
August 27-30: Brazil (in-person)
September (dates TBC): GCC (online)
September (dates TBC): Colombia-Peru (in-person/online)
October (dates TBC): Lebanon (online)