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Investor Relations and Debt Transparency Report – 2023

  • With growing concern about sovereign debt vulnerabilities, higher borrowing costs and persistent geopolitical tensions that impact both borrower creditworthiness and their relationships with creditors, strengthening investor relations has proved to be crucial to promote sovereign debt and policy transparency, and attracting international investors.
  • Our annual assessment of Investor Relations and Debt Transparency practices reveals that Indonesia, Türkiye, Philippines, Colombia, and Brazil emerged as the best performing countries while Gabon, Ethiopia, Vietnam, China and El Salvador recorded the lowest scores.
  • From a regional perspective, Latin America achieved the highest scores, while the Sub-Saharan region recorded the lowest scores.
  • Our recommendations to improve Investor Relations and Debt Transparency practices include ensuring the availability of documents in English, engaging directly with investors through regular calls and meetings, and enhancing efforts to improve ESG data and policy dissemination. It is strongly encouraged to publicly disclose transaction-level information on external loans and maintain a publicly accessible database of domestic and external bond prospectuses.