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Status: Will be live at 01/11/2024 14:00

FRT Episode 141: Inside the Competition for Big Money in 2024


Digital Money and Future Scenarios for High-Value Flows 
Developments in tokenization and distributed ledger technology (DLT) are opening up new fronts in the evolution of digital money. High-value transactions—including large transfers between banks, payments by big corporations, and multi-billion dollar investments by companies, asset managers, and asset owners like pension and sovereign wealth funds—are coming into range as market actors seek programmability, automation, and efficiencies across a broader array of transaction types. 

In this episode of FRT, we explore potential scenarios for how these developments might play out with the authors of a recent report by Oliver Wyman. Michael Wagner, Partner and Larissa De Lima, Senior Fellow Future of Money Initiative, explore the drivers behind this competition, the “replumbing of the financial system” underway, four visions for the way technology and policy developments may transform the business of high-value flows, and potential paths that market participants can take to realize each vision. These include the Evolution of TradFi, Rise of Digital Intermediaries, Universal Networks, and Sovereign Expansion.  This discussion of competition between “new and old money” will be a part of dialogues during the World Economic Forum in Davos so check out this episode to hear a preview of the issues and trends being explored.