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IIF Sustainable Finance Monitor - September 2021

The IIF Sustainable Finance Monitor covers key developments in the global sustainable finance agenda. In the September 2021 issue, we discuss official-sector approaches to mandatory TCFD implementation, share updates on policy and regulation, latest developments on frameworks, tools, initiatives, and key research insights.

Green Weekly Insight: Greening the Agriculture Sector—Part 1

Agriculture employs over one billion people globally and comprises a large share of GDP in many developing economies…; …and, while representing only 3.5% of global GDP, agriculture is responsible for 12% of global greenhouse gas emissions; Greening agriculture production is key for reaching net zero--while also ensuring food security and physical risk mitigation…; …which will require adopting much more efficient agricultural production and consumption practices.

Green Weekly Insight: The Next Big Thing - Sustainability-linked Bonds

Global sustainability-linked debt issuance (loans and bonds) is on track to surpass $320bn in 2021 – triple 2020’s totals; With ambitious climate/ESG finance targets, financial firms are the biggest issuers of sustainability-linked loans this year.

Green Weekly Insight: Returns, Volatility and Liquidity in ESG Bond Markets

Returns on green bond indices tend to be more volatile than for conventional bond benchmarks, with significant differences across sectors.  Overall, green bonds exhibit similar volatility-adjusted returns as conventional bonds.

Green Weekly Insight: Mind the green R&D gap!

Net zero: 50% of emissions reductions needed over 2030-2050 will rely on technologies currently still under development; R&D is urgently needed to reduce “green premiums,” but there is a clean energy R&D annual shortfall of $225bn; Policy action is key: government incentives and risk mitigation can galvanize private investment into clean energy R&D

Green Weekly Insight: Greening Real Estate Markets

Deeper “green” real estate markets are needed to accelerate ESG integration in global financial markets; As the world’s largest asset class, real estate is responsible for nearly 40% of global carbon emissions; Amid growing populations and housing demand, sustainable design practices are crucial for keeping a lid on emissions; Sustainability-linked real estate securities markets are still small, despite significant climate hazards and potential damage.

Green Weekly Insight: S in the Spotlight

Using well-established metrics, we review a number of ESG rankings to encompass social factors—health, education etc.; Unsurprisingly, mature markets tend to score better on social performance. Emerging markets have scope to boost social performance, notably on issues related to gender equality.

Green Weekly Insight: Beyond Climate Change

While climate change is now top of the policy agenda in the U.S., broader environmental issues are also in the global spotlight; Developed markets score higher on environmental protection: France, Germany and Denmark lead the way; Emerging markets tend to fare less well on environmental protection: India, China, and Turkey score lowest. That said…;
…mature markets can “export” environmental threats by importing goods and services that harm the environment elsewhere

Green Weekly Insight: Carbon Efficiency 101 – Emerging Markets

How carbon-reliant are emerging markets? More so than developed markets, but with a lot of variation; Brazil, Turkey, and Chile are most carbon-efficient, with less reliance on energy consumption per unit of GDP; In contrast, the UAE, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, South Africa, and Russia score low on carbon efficiency.

IIF Sustainable Finance Monitor - February 2021

The IIF Sustainable Finance Monitor covers key developments in the global sustainable finance agenda. In the February 2021 issue, we discuss how climate policy is taking DC by storm, updates on policy and regulatory developments, and the latest news on market initiatives, frameworks, tools, and research insights. Our Market Snapshot this issue focuses on impact measurement and ESG performance, and we conclude with a summary of key SFWG activities and events.



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