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Entries for 'Green Bonds'

Sustainable Debt Monitor: Market Turmoil Weighs on ESG Debt Markets

Amid rising global rates and market volatility, global issuance of sustainable debt fell to $285 billion in Q1 2022, nearly 20% lower than in Q1 2021.  Some $55 billion of issuance came from EMs in Q1—up from $45 billion in Q1 2021. 

ESG Flows and Markets - Q1 2022 Chartbook

We are pleased to share our new quarterly chartbook, designed to monitor sustainable flows (to ESG funds, climate finance flows, and climate finance to emerging markets), ESG market development, and the evolution of voluntary carbon markets.  We also include our regular EM ESG Scorecard—a useful indicator of progress in areas including carbon efficiency as well as broader environmental and social issues.

Sustainable Debt Monitor: Boom time!

Amid surging demand, we project global sustainable debt issuance at $1.8 trillion in 2022, soaring to $3.8 trillion in 2025. Under favorable market conditions, total issuance could reach an annual pace of over $7 trillion by 2025. 

Bonds that Build Back Better: The Pivotal Role of Fixed Income Markets in the ESG Revolution

With environmental, social and governance issues dominating the international policy agenda–and as investor demand for new ESG financial products and services continues to grow–global debt markets, and by extension fixed income portfolios, are about to undergo a radical transformation.

Green Weekly Insight: Putting the ESG into EM Eurobonds

As pandemic strains eased, EM sovereign Eurobond issuance subsided to pre-COVID levels in 2021 ($145 billion), with Chile, Mexico, and UAE the top issuers. With global rates set to rise in 2022, and still-high funding needs, EM sovereign issuance is expected to remain broadly stable at $150-$160 billion this year.

Sustainable Debt Monitor: COP26 Puts an ESG Lens on EM Investing

Global sustainable debt issuance surpassed $1 trillion during the first three quarters of 2021 and is now on track to reach almost $1.5 trillion in 2021

Sustainable Debt Monitor: A Record-Breaking Year

Global sustainable debt issuance is on track to surpass $1 trillion in 2021 – up 30% from 2020’s totals. However, emerging markets still represent less than 15% of the sustainable debt universe, highlighting strong growth potential; China, Chile, Turkey, and Mexico are the top issuers. The outstanding green bond market is now over $1 trillion, as the non-financial corporate issuer base broadens. Updated voluntary market principles and guidelines are supportive for market growth and harmonization. 

Green Weekly Insight: The Next Big Thing - Sustainability-linked Bonds

Global sustainability-linked debt issuance (loans and bonds) is on track to surpass $320bn in 2021 – triple 2020’s totals; With ambitious climate/ESG finance targets, financial firms are the biggest issuers of sustainability-linked loans this year.

Green Weekly Insight: Returns, Volatility and Liquidity in ESG Bond Markets

Returns on green bond indices tend to be more volatile than for conventional bond benchmarks, with significant differences across sectors.  Overall, green bonds exhibit similar volatility-adjusted returns as conventional bonds.

Sustainable Debt Monitor: Race to Net Zero Drives ESG Debt Flows

The global sustainable debt market breached the $2tn mark in Q1 2021 and is fast approaching $3tn. Green bond issuance has surged as corporate net-zero emissions commitments accelerate. 



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