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Entries for 'Market Fragmentation'

The Value of Cross-Border Banking and the Cost of Fragmentation 

This IIF staff paper evaluates the benefits of cross-border banking, with a focus on its implications for the macroeconomy and financial stability. It also includes policy proposals to reduce market fragmentation and maximize the net benefits of cross-border banking. 

2019 Presidents Report: Speech As Prepared For Delivery At The IIF Annual Membership Meeting

Each year Tim Adams, President and CEO of the IIF, takes an opportunity at the Annual Meetings to share a few thoughts on what the IIF has been working on throughout the year and what to expect from the IIF next year.

GRU Podcast: The Importance of Addressing Financial Market Fragmentation

Debra Stone, Managing Director and Head of Corporate Regulatory Affairs at JPMorgan Chase and Wilson Ervin, Vice Chairman in the Group Executive Offic...

IIF feedback on FSB Evaluation of Too-Big-To-Fail reforms

The IIF has submitted a response to the FSB’s Call for Evidence. We urge the FSB to consider specific issues during its evaluation, including market fragmentary trends around the implementation of the TBTF reforms. 

IIF letter to G20, FSB and IOSCO regarding Market Fragmentation

The IIF has submitted letters to the G20, Financial Stability Board and IOSCO commending their commitment to address the increasing levels of fragmentation in financial markets. 

June 2019 Global Regulatory Update

The June 2019 IIF Global Regulatory Update provides updates on Advocacy on Addressing Market Fragmentation, Evaluation of Too-Big-To-Fail (TBTF) Reforms and the Basel III Finalization & Cumulative Capital Impact Study.

May 2019 Global Regulatory Update

The May 2019 IIF Global Regulatory Update provides updates on the Financial Stability Board along with current work streams in Regulatory Capital, Cyber Security, Digital Finance, Accounting, Sustainable Finance, Systemic Risk, Insurance and upcoming events. 

IIF letter to Japanese FSA regarding Market Fragmentation

This letter has been submitted to Mr. Ryozo Himino, Vice Minister for International Affairs at the Japanese Financial Services Agency, following up on the Market Fragmentation work currently being undertaken by the Financial Stability Board and the Japanese Presidency of the G20. 

IIF Report on Market Fragmentation and Need for Regulatory Cooperation

This IIF Report “Addressing Market Fragmentation: The Need for Enhanced Global Regulatory Cooperation”, developed by the Special Committee on Effective Regulation (SCER), seeks to define the problem of market fragmentation.

January 2019 Global Regulatory Update

The January 2019 IIF Global Regulatory Update provides updates on current work streams in market fragmentation, regulatory capital, recovery and resolution, accounting, digital finance, sustainable finance, AML/CFT, insurance, and upcoming events.



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