The IIF is the leading voice for the financial services industry on global regulatory issues. We engage continuously and constructively with global standard setters and policymakers through formal submissions and reports, as well as through regular dialogue and high-level symposia.

We help shape the global policy and regulatory agenda by providing industry input and feedback. We focus on issues such as international capital and liquidity standards for banks and insurers, resolution and recovery policy issues, derivatives market rules, international conduct standards, shadow banking, supervision and risk management, and accounting standards, among many others.

Members participate in working groups and committees with industry peers and interact with public sector representatives, facilitated by the IIF.

The Global Regulatory Update is a monthly publication that our Regulatory Affairs Department releases providing updates on the various regulatory and policy work streams covered by our experts.

IIF regulatory and policy experts specialize in a range of issues and help shape the international policy and regulatory agenda for the financial services industry.