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FRT Episode 75: The COVID Catalyst

Where COVID-19 has forced radical changes, it has also removed many of the barriers that have plagued previous digital transformation effort. The IIF and Deloitte explore this as part of our Realizing the Digital Promise series, with industry experts Ulku Rowe (Google Cloud), Jaco Grobler (First Rand Bank) and Andres Wolberg-Stok (Citi).

GRU Podcast: Enhancing Operational Resilience in the time of COVID-19 with BNP Paribas

Jayaraj Puthanveedu, Global Head of Operational Resilience, Third Party Tech Risk & Crisis Management at BNP Paribas, and a strong IIF collaborator in the areas of Operational Resilience and Cyber Security, joins Martin Boer of the Institute of International Finance (IIF) to discuss enhancing Operational Resilience in the time of COVID-19.

CCP Resources in Resolution – Consultation on the FSB Discussion Paper 

The Institute of International Finance (IIF), together with ISDA and the FIA, submitted a joint response to the Financial Stability Board (FSB) Consultative Document “Financial resources to support CCP resolution and the treatment of CCP equity in resolution” on July 31, 2020. 

GMV: COVID-19 and Euro Zone Divergence

The Euro zone was marked by economic divergence before COVID-19, … with GDP in Spain and Italy slow to rebound after the 2011/2 debt crisis. ...

ESG Webinar Series: Long-Term Climate Strategies for Inclusive Growth and a Sustainable Recovery

The "Long-Term Climate Strategies for Inclusive Growth and a Sustainable Recovery" webinar was part of the IIF ESG Webinar Series, which was designed to promote understanding of the rapidly evolving landscape for ESG disclosure and to align efforts to measure and track climate finance.

Frontier LatAm: El Salvador’s Financing Risk 

COVID-19 has exacerbated El Salvador’s external financing needs. Pressure has intensified amid a widening fiscal deficit, and financing options are narrow. With limited flexibility to unwind stimulus after COVID-19, an IMF program would help ease medium-term financing concerns. 

Economic Views: Jobs in the New COVID-19 Normal

Covid-19 hit services and retail trade especially hard. These sectors are among the most labor intensive, … and may shed labor if their rec...

August 2020 U.S. Regulatory Update

The August U.S. Regulatory Update covers the 2020 Federal Reserve stress test results, Volcker Rule changes, the Department of Labor’s proposed ESG rule, regulator testimonies on Capitol Hill, and more. 

GMV: The Drivers of our Turkish Lira Fair Value

We have been getting many questions on our Turkish Lira fair value. Many assume our fair value estimate will automatically keep weakening. That is...

ESG Webinar Series: How Can Climate Change Disclosures Protect Reputation and Value?

In this session, EY provided a snapshot of the progress organizations are making in their climate disclosures, presenting the latest data and insights from our 2019 Global Climate Risk Disclosure Barometer.




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