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10th Annual IIF/EY Global Risk Management Survey 

The 10th Annual IIF/EY Global Bank Risk Management Survey, “An endurance course: Surviving and thriving through 10 major risks over the next decade”, carried out by the Institute of International Finance (IIF) and EY, observes and reports on changes in how banks manage risk. 

The Case for Simplifying Sustainable Investment Terminology

In a 2019 survey, the IIF Sustainable Finance Working Group (SFWG) polled member firms on their views: a significant majority agreed that industry alignment around simplifying terminology and product names into a few broad categories could greatly advance the goal of scaling up sustainable finance.

Macro Notes: South Africa - MTBPS and Eskom Plan Disappoint

Markets were disappointed by the 2019 MTBPS announcement. Revisions to growth, deficit, and debt were worse than expected. This follows an Eskom plan lacking details on debt restructuring. Moody’s changed the outlook to negative but kept the IG rating. Key market concern is no longer the rating, but debt sustainability.

FRT Episode 51: Fintech Beat with Chris Brummer

FRT joins forces with CQ Roll Call’s Fintech Beat podcast. Fintech Beat Host, Professor Chris Brummer of Georgetown University, and FRT's own, Brad Carr from the IIF, share their key takeaways across IIF's Annual Membership Meeting, the IMF & World Bank annual meetings, and DC's FinTech Week.

Economic Views: Narrowing EM Current Account Deficits

Our framework to track and forecast EM current accounts, … uses trade data to anticipate what full BoP data will show. We are seeing import...

MENA Capital Flows: Strong Inflows Cover Looming Risks

Non-resident capital inflows to the MENA region are projected to rise from $165bn last year to $200bn in 2019 before moderating to $173bn in 2020. With the increasing inflows, inclusion into global indices, and ongoing reforms, the MENA region is becoming more prominent on the EM investment map. 

Weekly Insight: Risk on—for now

Merits of further monetary policy easing under the microscope; Rising populism—whether due to economic or socio-cultural factors—is the primary driver of global policy uncertainty; Limited scope for monetary policy to address declining business confidence, as social unrest is often a root cause; Frontier market debt tops 115% of GDP in Q2 2019—up by 20 percentage points over the past decade.  The exceptions thus stand out—including Kazakhstan which has both low valuations and declining debt levels.

IIF Capital Flows Tracker: Solid Ground

Portfolio flows to Emerging Markets were $22.5 bn in October. Equity and debt flows were $1.2 bn and $21.3 bn, respectively. Net capital...

GMV: Reverse-Engineering the Euro Zone NAIRU

In last week’s Global Macro Views we flagged rising Euro zone deflation risk, ... because the weaker German outlook risks upsetting a delicate...

Frontier Markets Debt Monitor: Growing Vulnerabilities

Frontier market debt hit $3.2 trillion in Q2 2019, up by over $630 billion since Q2 2016.  While this marks the slowest quarterly growth in debt since 2015, it also puts total frontier debt/GDP at a record high of over 115%. We have added Republic of Congo, Gambia, and Mozambique to our frontier market debt monitor database. 




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