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IIF Sustainable Finance Monitor - October 2020

The IIF Sustainable Finance Monitor covers key developments in the global sustainable finance agenda. In the October issue, we discuss the IIF's Taskforce on Scaling Voluntary Carbon Markets and the transition to net zero emissions, share key updates on policy and regulatory developments, the latest on key initiatives, frameworks and tools, our ESG market snapshot, and SFWG activities and events.

Financing a Sustainable Future for Emerging Markets

COVID-19 highlights the need for structural reform in emerging market sovereign debt financing—and makes it more urgent. High, procyclical funding costs—coupled with lower trend growth—make it difficult to find fiscal space to support sustainable recovery.  Failure to deal with this challenge today could result in much higher future costs for the global economy.

IIF October 2020 Global Regulatory Update 

The October 2020 IIF Global Regulatory Update provides updates on current work streams. 

Green Weekly Insight: China's Energy Transition - Enter the Dragon

China’s 2060 carbon-neutral pledge is a game-changer in fighting climate change, aligning it with the EU, the UK and others.

IIF Staff Paper on Financial Crime Intelligence Sharing

Building on the IIF’s previous work in this area, the paper endeavors to address the continued criticality of improving economic and financial crime risk management by facilitating the increased sharing of information on financial activity linked to crime and terrorism.

GRU Podcast: Where Cyber Conflict and Financial Services Intersect

Jay Healey, a Senior Research Scholar and Adjunct Professor at Columbia University’s SIPA joins the IIF's Martin Boer to discuss the intersection between Cyber Conflict and the Financial Services sector.

LatAm Views: Capital Flows to Remain Subdued 

The BoP correction has been remarkable amid activity collapse and exchange rate flexibility. Current account adjustment helped protect reserves desp...

GMV: EM Positioning after the COVID-19 Shock

We yesterday published our latest Capital Flows Report, ... which projects a slow and uneven recovery for EM inflows, ... after very large outflow...

Frontier Market Debt Monitor: Surge in Government Borrowing

Total frontier market debt hit a new record of over 120% of GDP in Q2 2020, up 6 percentage points from end-2019. The COVID-19 pandemic has placed a spotlight on rising global debt levels and sovereign debt vulnerabilities. 

CFR October 2020: A Slow and Uneven Recovery

The COVID-19 shock has us forecasting a global recession of -4.1 percent in 2020, substantially worse than the -0.4 percent contraction in the 2009 global financial crisis.




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