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Money Redesigned: Part One

“Money Redesigned” is a new series of papers from IIF Digital Finance highlighting critical issues presented by the next generation of digital money.   

Response Letter: BoE CBDC Discussion Paper 

The IIF welcomes the Bank of England discussion paper Central Bank Digital Currency: opportunities, challenges and design, published on March 12, 2020, which provides an important contribution to this emerging field and identifies and fosters discussion on key issues.

IIF Response to EU Review of the Non-Financial Reporting Directive

The IIF provides high-level comments to the European Commission’s public consultation on the revision of the EU Non-Financial Reporting Directive (NFRD).

Weekly Insight: Debt Burdens Weigh On Recovery Prospects

As rescue gives way to recovery, governments and SOEs are set to play a key role in generating employment and restoring confidence, though this could come at the cost of lower productivity and higher debt levels; Defaults on the rise: the face value of defaulted non-financial corporate bonds has jumped to $70 billion in Q2 2020—the largest on record. U.S. firms account for two-thirds of the total; Some 30 countries have requested support from official bilateral creditors under the G20 Debt Service Suspension Initiative; fourteen of these requests have been approved so far

Morgan Stanley and IIF Joint Survey: ESG and Trends in Reserves Management

New survey finds over half of the reserves managers surveyed have joined international networks for ESG or plan to increase their exposure to ESG assets, with many considering adopting formal ESG strategies or goals.

GMV: Painful and Slow US Labor Market Recovery

Last week brought a surprise drop in the unemployment rate, … but sadly the outlook is for a slow and painful labor market recovery. Unlike...

Building a Global ESG Disclosure Framework: A Path Forward

This IIF Staff Paper summarizes key international ESG disclosure frameworks and evolving regulatory approaches in major jurisdictions. The IIF encourages the relevant international standard setting bodies to take steps in the coming months towards a harmonized cross-sectoral ESG disclosure framework. 

The Big Questions: Ep. 6 - COVID-19 Risks and Policy Responses with MAS Managing Director Ravi Menon

IIF President and CEO, Tim Adams, joins The Big Questions again this week, for a conversation with Ravi Menon, Managing Director of the Monetary Authority of Singapore and as Tim descrbes him - "one of the most recognizable thought leaders of central banking and finance in the 21st century." The two discuss the impact of the COVID-19 in Singapore, the associated risks, and policy responses. 

Angola: Oil Price Plunge Takes Its Toll

Lower oil prices, dwindling production, and COVID-19 have undercut hopes for growth in 2020, and turned external and fiscal surpluses to deficits. The medium-term outlook depends primarily on oil price and production recovery, and the continued implementation of structural reforms.

Macro Notes: Ukraine - Another Stopgap IMF Program

Ukraine has secured a $5 bn, 18-month Stand-By Arrangement with the IMF. This stopgap will help finance fiscal spending and external debt repayments. Improved market conditions will allow Ukraine to build up reserves further. We project an output contraction of 6.9% despite aggressive interest rate cuts. Further structural reform efforts are critical for robust growth going forward.




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