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Data Ethics Briefing Note: Strategies and Techniques 

The first in a series of IIF briefing notes on data ethics, this note outlines useful case studies and practical strategies and techniques that financial services firms can implement to help ensure the ethical use of data in a rapidly digitizing world. 

Green Weekly Insight: Decade in Jeopardy

With only 10 years to go, emerging markets and low-income countries (LICs) are far off their 2030 SDG targets; COVID-related fiscal strains are exacerbating the SDG financing gap—some $2.5 trillion annually for these countries; Between 2011 and 2019, median public debt in LICs rose from 30% of GDP to 47%, and is expected to reach 54% in 2020; Official bilateral/multilateral creditors hold 80% of the public debt stock of countries eligible for G20 debt service suspension; Over 60% of cross-border capital inflows to LICs are debt-generating, much higher than elsewhere—scope for equity finance 

GMV: The YCC Straitjacket and the BoJ

The Bank of Japan adopted Yield Curve Control (YCC) in September 2016. At the time, YCC was something of a “Hail Mary” to get reflation ...

September 2020 EM Growth Tracker

This month’s Growth Tracker suggests trade across EM is starting to recover, the outlook is further supported by improving business surveys and ...

Macro Notes: Russia - NS2 and Other Sanctions Explained

Investors are concerned about the possibility of additional sanctions on Russia. German officials have threatened action against Nord Stream 2 in recent weeks. This would have important geopolitical, but likely limited economic, implications. Additional sanctions by the U.S. could depend on the 2020 presidential election. However, the Russian economy is substantially less vulnerable compared to 2014.

IIF September 2020 Global Regulatory Update 

The September 2020 IIF Global Regulatory Update provides updates on current work streams. 

Economic Views: Capital Flows to EM Government Bonds

Flows to EM suffered heavily at the onset of the covid-19 crisis. We zoom in on flows to government bonds during this episode. Outflows from local b...

IIF Response to EBA De-Risking Consultation 

The IIF and the Wolfsberg Group responded to a consultation of the European Banking Authority on de-risking in financial services. 

Commodity Markets: Stabilization Amid Uncertainty 

Commodity prices remain subject to heightened levels of uncertainty as reopening efforts continue to evolve. We expect Brent oil prices to remain steady in 2020-2021 and natural gas prices to increase modestly. Base metals could balance in 2021, limiting further increases in prices. 

Green Weekly Insight: Tech Selloff Dents ESG Stocks

Early September tech selloff has dented this year’s outperformance of ESG indices, which tend to be tech-heavy; However, appetite for ESG ETFs remains strong, with ytd flows nearing $140bn (vs just $25bn over the same period in 2019)




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