Policy Advisor
Bart van Liebergen - IIF

Bart van Liebergen is a policy advisor at the Institute of International Finance (IIF) in Washington DC, where he leads the Institute’s work on Regtech and works on issues related to the regulation of digital finance. He also used to be part of the insurance prudential regulation team. Key topics in his work have been the use of machine learning for risk management and developing a regulatory agenda for effective implementation of technology at financial institutions.

Prior to joining the IIF, Bart worked as a consultant for the United Nations Environment Programme’s Inquiry into the Design of a Sustainable Financial System, writing on the role of financial sector policy in supporting sustainable finance. Before coming to Washington, he was a Senior Economist at the Ministry of Finance in the Netherlands, working as a coordinator of the Dutch government’s policies toward the Financial Stability Board. He also focused on the implementation of Basel III and negotiated the TLAC agreement.

Bart lives in Washington DC with his wife and son. 


Bart holds a M.A. in EU International Relations from the College of Europe in Bruges, a M.Sc. in Monetary Economics from the University of Amsterdam, and a M.Sc. in Political Science, also from the University of Amsterdam.